Terms of Service

Welcome To Pine View Buildings!

Thank you for visiting our website, and considering us as your next storage solution. All of our services are based at our physical location of 675 Norquay Dr, Winkler, MB R6W 0L1 Canada.

Any and all services provided by us fall under the guidelines written here below, so please read carefully.

Regarding Delivery Service

All promises made on this website regarding deliveries, timelines, and so forth are subject to mechanical breakdowns and Acts of God. Any promises made in the aforesaid terms by Pine View Buildings must be understood by the customer to be nominal and not firm due to unforeseen problems that may arise.

Regarding Copy and Photo Assets

All copy and photo assets on this website are and shall always be the property of Pine View Buildings, LLC United States. No material, whether text or photograph, shall be downloaded or sold for any reason whatsoever by a person or any means. Should Pine View Buildings change a company name, or have internal restructuring that would cause a change of ownership, the sole property of all copy and photo assets shall remain the ownership of any affiliate of the former Pine View Buildings, LLC United States or Pine View Canada Buildings ULC.

Regarding Prices for Our Services

The user shall also know that all prices on this website and any print documents by Pine View Buildings are nominal and subject to change at any time without warning.

Regarding Sizes

The user shall also be made aware that all sizes listed on website and print documents are nominal and not exact.

Regarding These Terms

These terms may be edited and/or changed by Pine View Buildings at any time with or without warning and it shall be the sole responsibility of the user to make themselves familiar at all times with this document and its various changes.